Mounted in seconds - excellent grip
That is EasyMount

Insert the Thinplate

Place the Thinplate in the battery cover or the phone case of your Smartphone. We recommend to fix the Thinplate with the supplied adhesive strips in the phone cover, to prevent slipping.


Insert the threaded bold into the air vent.

Tighten the screw with the enclosed mounting cross.



handy2_7The EasyMount brackets are strong enough, to hold any mobile device. In product tests, a force could be determined by 1 kg. However we recommend to mount mobile devices with a screen diagonal up to 7″ and. to a maximum weight of 300 g.

Please note, the holding force depends on the thickness of the battery cover of the mobile phone. or the thickness of the phone cover. To double the force, we recommend to use 2 Thinplates. when using thick phone covers..