For all cars and mobile devices.

Choose one of three product versions


Mounted in seconds. excellent grip and extremely versatile: This is the principle of EasyMount. This mount can stay with you when changing a car.

EasyMount classic is fixed in a seam in your dashboard - without any tools. The angle of the bracket can be adjusted by bending the metal frame to the desired angle.


EasyMount Air is attached on any air vent in your car!

You can even mount larger tablets by using two EasyMount Air.. You find more information here FAQ. (photo of a tablet monted on EasyMount Air).


EasyMount brackets is the perfect solution for users of phone brackets (Brodit, Kuda, Dashmount, Haweko, etc.).

Easily installs on all popular models, harmoniously fits into your car.


EasyMount tube is the universal mounting solution for your mobile device.

EasyMount Tube is mounted on a tube by cable ties. The mobile device with the proven EasyMount holds technique using magnetic force.